Soul Signature

We all have a mission to fulfill, a truth to be spoken, a message to pass. We are an individual, and to think that we are made each one of us, an unique individual with different mindsets, abilities, talents, emotions, capacities and faces, bodies.

We are truly one of kind, but we don't feel this way. We want to be the same, we change our faces, our bodies and our minds to conform, to look like somebody else.

We decided that what we are is not good enough, so we have to transform ourselves from one of a kind, to be the same as the others.
We were not taught to love ourselves as we are, we were taught that there is one fit all beauty standard that we all have to conform, that we have to adapt, there is one fashion that we have to follow, there is one music that we have to dance to.

I don't think so. I think the people who embrace who they are, are the people who are leading the way, they are being followed by the puppets, they are being true to themselves and that shines through.

Because we can spot authenticity from afar, and we do love it!

So why don't we embrace it? Why do we have to have the same breasts, lips, butts? Why are we mutilating ourselves in order to be the same as everyone else?
Why diversity is perceived as a bad thing? I wish to be different, to be looked as unique and to be loved for who I am. I don't like to look like somebody else, I like to look like me, and you know what, it is not just good enough, it is great!

We come to this planet as ignorant as we can be, and we come to learn, to be better, to be kind, to be a positive in a world of negative, we are here to be different from one another and to make a difference.

We come with a fragrance that is ours, it is so rare that there is just one of it.
I believe we don't change people, the change come from inside out.
Take an egg for example, if the force comes from inside out the life begins, but if the force is from the outside, the life is finished.

Let your soul signature shine through your looks, your eyes, your attitude, your demeanor. Be yourself, belong to yourself, don't conform, be the change you would like to see in the world, as Gandhi would put it, but this change doesn't need to be in your face.