What is LOVE?

Love is the ability to feel and not think, is the ability to be and not have, it is the ability to be your true- self because you are in the space created from within.
There is no way of finding love outside ourselves. There is no way of buying real love, there is no way of growing to love. Love is, love wont will be. Love just is.
Love or either is or isn't, there is no half- way to love.

Is love that powerful? Yes, it is.

There is nothing more powerful than love. Love just move us through everything and make everything possible. I have heard stories of mothers who lifted cars to save their children, fathers who fought alligators to save their loved one. So it is divine! It is categorized as miraculous, Love can heal, transcend, lift, inspire, actually, the word inspire comes from "in spirit", that is our true essence, If you are not connected with your true self, you are not capable of loving.

There is no way that we love someone on a shallow level. This is desire, passion. Love does not survive in shallow waters. It has to be deep, because it is connection, it is compromising, it is giving up, making choices, it is forgiving, it is coming together for the purpose of co-creating.
Love is possible with a deep understanding and a great desire to be together, to be someone’s significant other (I love that expression). It is the desire to overcome the ego in order to have a better relationship. It is so easy when we are kids. We love our parents unconditionally, than life happens and we become afraid of the suffering and we begin to put on masks and walls and a real love can pass us by, because it could not recognize us underneath it all…. Love craves reality and truthfulness.

Are you ready to love?