How to Empower Your Kids

Waking up, getting ready for school, and managing homework. These everyday tasks bring stress to families.

Too many precious, quality moments are lost coping with the everyday demands of a practical life. In How to Empower Your Kids, author and life coach Danny Bastos, offers a system to help parents deal with the daily hassles of a childs life.

In this guide, she discusses duties, responsibilities, and rules for ages two to eighteen. How to Empower Your Kids stresses the importance of teaching children time management, organizational skills, scheduling, goal setting, and other much-needed life skills. It opens the door to better communication within the family, helping parents help their kids be responsible and productive with no stress.

It offers a fun and smart way for parents to get organized in their mind and have the structure to thrive and achieve whatever they want in life and teach kids how to do it too